Where Do You Sit and Dream About The Future?

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I love Walt Disney.  I don’t love Walt simply because he created Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Mickey Mouse, and all the other characters that I love.  I love Walt because he was a dreamer.  No better story illustrates this like the story of how he dreamed up Disneyland.

Legend goes when Walt’s two daughters were little girls, each saturday was “Daddy’s Day” and he would take them to Griffith Park in Los Angeles to ride the Merry-Go-Round while he sat on a park bench.

After several trips to the same park, Walt began to think of other places where he could take his girls to play.  And, as Walt would remember it, at some point he would also think about where he could go to have fun right along with his daughters, instead of only watching them.

It’s at time he dreamed up Disneyland, sitting on that park bench eating a bag of peanuts.

How amazing is that?  Walt Disney, sitting on his usual bench at Griffith Park dreamed up this magical place where families could enjoy the rides and attractions together!

Do you have a place like that?  Where is your place to sit and dream?  For me, it’s near water, either on a boat or on the shore, if there is a body of water I can sit near, my mind relaxes and great ideas flow.

We all need a place where we can go to sit back, relax, and let our minds wander around and create.  A place that we know we can visit from time to time to close out the business of day-to-day living and focus on our dreams and the future.  A place to just be and think.

My challenge for you is to find your own place and allow it to do its magic for you.  Where is you park bench?

Where is you place to sit and dream about the future?

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