What Do You Struggle With?



Everyone struggles with something, what is it that you struggle with?

Patients that I see or have seen in my practice struggle with a whole host of different and diverse issues. Some folks struggle with porn, some struggle with addictive behaviors, some struggle with work, and the list is almost endless.

I think that it is important to realize that you are not alone in your struggle no matter what it is. The whole concept of group therapy relies on this dynamic of feeling that you are not the only one struggling with whatever is your fight.

From a psychological standpoint, struggles such as the ones I have listed usually stem from several sources. Some, like addictive behaviors could be caused by genetic predisposition. Some sexually related struggles can sometimes be traced to things like being exposed to sexual material at too early an age, or unfortunately from being sexually molested at an early age. Whatever the genesis of the problem, just keep in mind that someone, probably many someones share this struggle as well.

I would encourage you to seek help with serious problems such as addiction, alcoholism, trauma from sexually maladaptive past immediately.

Then we have those people who struggle with things like depression and anxiety. Let me just say that as a former depressed person, the struggle is tough and it will take more than a strong constitution to fight it. You will need to seek professional help to rid yourself of this paralyzing problem.

For those who have never experienced depression I am envious of you. When you are depressed, your disorder steals your happiness, your love, your peace, and most of the things in life that you either accomplished or enjoyed. Nothing is fun and you have no desire to try and have fun. People in this condition would do anything to not feel the way they do, and sometimes that is exactly what they do. These individuals go to drugs, alcohol, and other destructive behaviors. Then they wind up addicted and depressed, more depressed than they were when they first started.

goodnewsThere is great news on the subject of struggles:

  • You are not alone
  • There is help, lots of it

While I dislike psychotropic drugs, sometimes they are a necessary evil that can help you while you are getting the real remedy which is psychotherapy.

Find a GOOD therapist. There are plenty of crummy ones around so the search may take a bit of effort. Find one that you can relate to, trust, and at some level like. Therapy can help. Don’t give up.

Your struggle will soon be won with you as the winner.

louLou Carfizzi holds an Masters in Professional Counseling from Liberty University.  Lou has 14 years experience as a therapist working with families, individuals, adolescents, and providing technology based therapeutic solutions and has extensive experience treating a wide variety of disorders and situations through his practice at LifeCareCounseling.net.