The War Inside Your Mind

If you are depressed, suffering from low self-esteem, feel as if you are always fighting against a force that tells you horrible lies about yourself, then you do indeed have a war going on inside your mind.


Think of this concept of war as two opposing sides that are battling for the dominance of you, your identity, and your self-worth. Let’s break it apart and look at the two sides.

One side, the positive side that is actually who you are, is trying desperately day after day to survive. You are constantly fighting the notion that you are not worth much, you may even think that you are defective and broken. How difficult is it to function in your life when these feelings about yourself are with you and distracting you from your life and happiness? It is nearly impossible, but countless individuals suffer from this and in spite of these feelings and notions, they manage to survive and even thrive in life.

This positive side gets its information or notions from the positive things people have said about you. It contains the successes, the wonderful things about your character, and the positive things that are instilled by your childhood by your parents. This is the real you! When you attempt to define who you are, this side of the war in your mind has to be the only thing that comes into play to provide you with a definition of you.

Now, let’s look at the negative side. This side is ugly and it gets its information, notions, and impressions of you from the most unreliable source which is your leftover, untrue, and hideous lies that you may believe about yourself.

Supernatural? Demons in your head? No. At least not in the context that we are embracing here. This side is loaded with lies such as “you will never amount to anything,” “you are ugly,” “you are stupid,” “you were made defective and can never live up to anyone’s expectations.” Any of this sound familiar?

This other side is the voice that your mind has given your depression. The event or events that placed it there are as varied as the situations we live through. Make no mistake about it, it is real and it hurts. It distracts you from your life and steals away your happiness and peace.

Depression Is A Serious Medical Condition That You Need To Get Help With From A Professional Mental Health Provider

There is no other way to say it. Get help and get rid of that negative enemy in your mind. Win the war against lies and negativity!

Seek Help Now.

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  1. Judy Lowder

    It really is a battle! This is an important podcast.

    • adminjohn

      Thank you Judy. We appreciate the kind words. Please share this with you friends and help us help more people! Have a great day – John & Lou