Today Belongs To You

Blue sky with cloud and ladder, way to success concept

This day, is a great day and has the potential to be incredible.  It may even be your best day ever.  Today is an awesome day.  Today belongs to you.

Why?  Because no matter how bad your yesterday was, or your last week, or even your last year, none of that  matters. It is all in the past. You have no control of the past, you can only affect the right here, and right now.  That’s why today, everything changes!

You have a brand new day to make better choices and decisions.  You can look for more opportunities to allow things to happen to you that can change your life dramatically.

You can work on accomplishing your dreams, your goals, and making incredible things happen – not just for you, but also for the people around you!

You can invest in yourself and others to make someone else’s day brighter and even change their life.  There is so much to can see, to do, and experience. You have a day filled with endless possibilities.

You have the ability and choice to look out for the good, positive potential and ignore any negativity from the people or situations around you.

Today, you can choose to be happy and stop being sad. You can stop dwelling on the past and lay down your regrets look forward to the future with excitement and expectancy.

No one but you has the power to choose how your day will transpire.  No matter what happens, you have the choice to react with dignity and integrity.  You can choose the good and positive and not sink down to the level of negativity and pessimism.

Only you have power over you.  Don’t give that power to anyone else.  They don’t deserve it.

Today belongs to you.  The choice is yours, what will you decide to do?

And don’t forget to choose to be awesome.


John C. Donahue is a blogger, writer, speaker with a focus on leadership and personal development. Having spent over 2 decades in occupational ministry and the business world, John shares his insights and experiences providing encouragement, motivation and direction on his blog