The Real Reason You Don’t Have Enough Time

When I talk to people about different issues they have, one struggles rises to the top as the number one problem they face: time. Better stated, the LACK of time. From work-home-life balance to getting things done, we all struggle with time. And you know what I have discovered, it’s all your own fault.

Relationships – How To Avoid The Family Circus

Circuses are amazing. Three rings of excitement, beauty, and drama! Sounds a lot like families. With Moms, Dads, Kids, Grandmas, Grandpas, so many family dynamics, so many opportunities for amazing moments. And sometimes, some awkward ones as well.

4 Ways To Protect Your Family From Pornography

We are now coming to terms with the consequences of the porn epidemic in America. Marriages are falling apart at record levels because of pornography and porn-related causes. In this week’s show we look at ways to protect our families and ourselves from the damage that pornography causes.