Relationships – Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

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Valentine’s Day can be a special holiday filled with love, romance, and emotion. But for some, it is dreaded and filled with loneliness and feelings of low self-worth. This week we’re giving suggestions for people who are single, single-again, dating, and married to enjoy and get the very most out of Valentine’s Day.

Holding On

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Holding On From the series, 10 Things You Need To Stop Doing Now! Holding on to what? That is probably the question that you have in mind. What are we talking about when we refer to holding on? Simple, holding … Continued

4 Ways To Protect Your Family From Pornography

We are now coming to terms with the consequences of the porn epidemic in America. Marriages are falling apart at record levels because of pornography and porn-related causes. In this week’s show we look at ways to protect our families and ourselves from the damage that pornography causes.

Chasing Happiness With Finances

Mortgages, college debt, credit cards, over-extended credit lines, we are running on a defect of funds. Can any of us find happiness in our finances? There is hope. Living a life on budget means saying goodbye to some things you like to enjoy more of the things you love!

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