We have in our minds the ability to live anywhere we want. We can sail the seas, have cocktails at a bar by a beach in Hawaii, become a rock star, or take on the world of finance and become rich beyond our wildest dreams.

Your ability to imagine anything is a gift, everyone has it, and everyone uses it for good, bad, and for escape. I’ll give you examples of each.

For good, we can create things that never existed such as paintings, songs, books, or articles such as this. Imagination is what we use to invent things such as boats, cars, electronics, gadgets that make our lives easier, or so many other things I couldn’t possibly mention them all.

Using our imaginations for good also includes all things that enhance our lives and enable us to envision what is possible for now, and for the future. We can use imagination to examine the possibilities for our careers, our family, and our futures. So, how can the imagination be bad?

For bad, we use our imaginations to torture ourselves with worry about circumstances and consequences that could hurt us. If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, you may engage in imagining another person’s arms around them, kissing them, making love to them, listening to the words of love that they are exchanging. Then again, it could be all nonsense. We imagine the worst when we are afraid, insecure, unhealthy, and worried. In these cases, the imagination can be your worst enemy.

How many scenarios can you think of that could possibly happen negatively to you? The answer is just as many as you could imagine wonderful things. So why in the world would you use such a gift to hurt yourself so much? The answer lies in a complex web of personality issues, experiences, and thoughts about oneself. A powerful tool such as imagination must be used with caution and when you catch yourself using it as a tool to destroy your frame of mind, mood, or fear you are misusing it.

I also mentioned escape. We can escape from our tedium by the use of daydreams which are from the imagination. Good, because it brings you some measure of relief, bad because you are not doing what you should be doing. Escape is never the answer, rather, it’s never the good answer to your situation when you are unhappy with it.

Take action! Don’t escape, move toward what you fear and conquer it. Remember, never fear something until you know what it is you are up against. Then, don’t fear it, face it. Your life will be much better. Just imagine!

louLou Carfizzi

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