4 Ways to Deal With Inconsiderate People

I could give hundreds of examples of people who do and say inconsiderate things. Interestingly enough, it causes us to act ugly, rude, and inconsiderate as well. It is contagious!! Is this because we are just not thinking about what we are doing?

4 Challenges To Overcome For Success [Podcast]

In this week’s Real Life Podcast, co-hosts Lou and John discuss 4 of the biggest challenges we face and how to overcome the biggest challenges we face.

Facebook Paranoia: How Normal People Express Mental Illness

It never ceases to amaze me how much personal information people put on their Facebook page. When they are going to go on vacation, when they are having guests from China, when they are ovulating, how much sex they have with their boyfriends girlfriends or significant others. Are they crazy?

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