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Using The Internet For Psychotherapy… Is it for you ?

There are many different therapists and companies out there in cyberspace that offer therapy either by synchronous texting, asynchronous texting, email, voice recordings, and live video. The questions are does it work? Is it for me? How does it differ from face to face therapy?

I have been doing therapy using many of the options I just mentioned for years. Recently, I have greatly increased the amount and frequency of patients that I see. For me as a therapist, I much prefer the live video method. In the live video, you get a face to face with a real live therapist and patient. There is no waiting for responses, no text messages, and no interruptions when you need to express yourself emotionally.

So, is it for you? And if so, which one should I choose?

Synchronous texting is the same as texting on your phone with both parties having a conversation. This method usually is provided via a secure platform with the tightest security possible to protect your information. I like this as an alternative to video when video is not possible. For you, it depends on your preference and level of comfort using technology. I know people share a lot of personal information via text messages, so some of you may not be too afraid to try this.

Asynchronous texting is when in a platform as described above, you can leave messages whenever you please and expect a response from a therapist within an agreed upon time frame. It is less personal, but it works for some.

Voice recordings work similarly to the asynchronous method, only instead of texting you record your information and wait for a recorded response from a therapist.

Email is an even less personal method of therapy, but for some it is convenient and it works. This is a personal preference, but I don’t care for it. It is the same as Asynchronous texting, just in a less safe environment.

Live video is when you have an actual therapy session with a therapist over a secure platform, face to face, and it is the closest thing to getting in your car and driving to an office that you can find. It is my favorite, and I choose it over the other methods every time.

So the choice is up to you. The point is that help is out there and these ways of getting it, simply make your life easier and hopefully, much better.

However you get it, if you are hurting take the step to better mental health!

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